Photo of the Liberator 604 device wireless interface solution for Operator Driven Reliability

Introducing The Next Generation In Vibration Data Collection

Meet the Liberator 604: Your seamless wireless interface solution for Operator Driven Reliability (ODR)

Increase the value of your Asset Basic Care program as well as your Predictive Maintenance programs with the all-new Liberator 604. Designed to work with InspectMT on Android, iOS, and Windows, the Liberator 604™ can be used as a first-pass vibration data collector that bolsters your vibration program. With ease of use in mind, the quick and straightforward route-based data collection provides detailed vibration data for the vibration analyst.

“We’re thrilled to debut the Liberator 604™. This hardy and efficient device draws less than 1.25 W while collecting data, so it can be used all day on a single charge. Replacing the Liberator 502™, the Liberator 604™ is able to collect full demodulation readings as well as acceleration, velocity and displacement readings (overall/FFT/Time waveform). Communication between InspectMT and the Liberator 604™ is done via Wi-Fi—no cable connection required!”

The direct wireless interface transfers inspection route data, including velocity FFTLiberator 604 vibration data collection device with accessories and demodulation readings, seamlessly through InspectMT™ to MAINTelligence, where the data can be processed through the world-class vibration analysis package by a vibration specialist or by taking advantage of the Condition Assessment Module for an automatic diagnosis.

While the Liberator 604 comes with an accelerometer, the device can be used with any standard industrial accelerometer or can be hooked into switchboxes to read data from permanently mounted sensors.

A high level of integration with MAINTelligence combined with its low power consumption makes the Liberator 604 an ideal partner for InspectMT rugged mobile devices.

Interested in learning more about how the Liberator 604 can be an asset to your organization? Download our Liberator 604™ Spec SheetBook a demo, or by phone: 1-800-923-3674.