Why MAINTelligence™

Enterprise Asset Performance Management System (EAPM)

Why MAINTelligence™?

We develop APM solutions that are continuously refined and in line with market opportunities and client requirements. By providing flexible, powerful and cost-effective maintenance software, services and end-to-end support, we help deliver asset health and positively affect our client’s bottom line.

Asset Performance Management System (APMS)

MAINTelligence, an APM, combines an integrated Condition Monitoring System to monitor asset performance and health with an Asset Management System, which manages the asset’s lifecycle.

Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

MAINTelligence™ utilizes a customized, multi-tiered approach to asset health monitoring using all condition-based maintenance technologies. Rooted in asset management, our advanced applications are tailored for equipment health assessment for a completely integrated and automated equipment reliability system.

Intelligent diagnostics and alarms auto-trigger work orders as necessary based on the condition identified by the data, saving the reliability expert both time and money. Integrating all preventative maintenance technologies in one software solution creates a transparent and collaborative solution allowing managers immediate access to all of the asset health data.

MAINTelligence™ incorporates everything you need for a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Performance Management System.

Maintelligence SAP asset management system

Inspection A Straightforward and Versatile Inspection System

InspectMT, in combination with MAINTelligence™, offers a versatile mobile inspection system that enables all departments to design custom inspection forms based on their requirements. InspectMT is equipped with a rich feature set that provides all the necessary information for conducting inspections. The Route Manager in MAINTelligence™ provides the tools to manage the scheduling and wireless transfer of routes and data to and from the mobile device. Automating the inspection process is the most effective way to strengthen collective efforts in reliability initiatives. Our system is easy to use and reduces labor and maintenance costs using the most efficient digital method available on the market. Clients can choose the operating system that best suits their network requirements, as InspectMT is available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10/11 operating systems.

Operator Driven Reliability (ODR)

To cater to the industry’s demand for practical and user-friendly reliability tools for operators, the Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) approach has been developed. This approach combines the InspectMT app, available on the CAT S62 Pro phone, with the Liberator 604, offering a comprehensive solution for capturing and processing visual inspection data, lubrication management data, thermographic images, and vibration data. This all-in-one solution enhances the overall reliability of the plant, providing value to the organization.


A No-Compromise Solution

MAINTelligence™ is a full-featured, world-class vibration system that empowers users to build and maintain a comprehensive vibration analysis program suitable for all production environments and equipment. MAINTelligence has the tools needed to carry out simple and advanced analyses of trends, spectra, and time waveforms. Intuitive, easy-to-use tools allow you to identify and categorize peaks, post-process waveforms, and overlay fault frequencies.

Features include analysis tools such as harmonic and sideband cursors, signal post-processing tools, customizable alarms (overall, spectral and narrow band, envelope) and fault frequency overlays (bearings, gears, blades, belts, electrical) for each vibration point.

Alarm Management

Effective alarm management is essential for implementing a successful and sustainable vibration analysis program. Multiple alarm types can be applied simultaneously to any reading element.

Data Displays and Reporting

MAINTelligence is unsurpassed when it comes to graphical data display and reporting. Unlike other systems with fixed-format data displays, you can design graph views and reports to suit your way of analyzing vibration data. You can view time waveforms, spectra, trends and comparison charts in any number of combinations or layouts.

Condition Assessment Module

The useability and flexibility of the MAINTelligence Condition Assessment module are unsurpassed. The MAINTelligence Condition Assessment module is based on the award-winning VARMINT engine, the world’s first backward chaining inference engine custom-built for predictive maintenance applications.

You can use this diagnostic module to review the results and interactively display drawings of the machines, explanations of the diagnoses, and graphical displays in various formats. The diagnostic system provides a diagnosis of the problem and recommendations. In addition, each fault diagnosis is given a severity and a probability.

MAINTelligence Online Vibration System

Permanently mounted vibration sensors on your assets provide data samples based on a pre-defined schedule. You can set the sample schedule based on the current health needs of the asset.

The sensors are wired to a nearby hub, where the collected data is then transmitted wirelessly back to MAINTelligence via Wi-FI or Cellular connectivity.

MAINTelligence Portable Online Vibration System

The Portable Online Vibration System, enclosed in a sturdy wheeled case, employs the same technology and methodology as the permanently mounted Online Vibration System. It is designed to be easily transported from one asset to another, catering to the needs of each asset.

Continuous monitoring of a critical asset enables the maintenance team to track the rate of degradation and plan repairs accordingly. The portability of the system allows for timely monitoring and intervention as required.


Do More with Thermography

Created with ease of use in mind, the infrared thermography module makes identification, analysis, and reporting of a wide range of thermal anomalies quick and effortless. Infrared thermography can be used in electrical, mechanical, and structural applications to help extend the asset availability and performance.

Utilizing the Route Manager in MAINTelligence, infrared inspection routes can be wirelessly downloaded to InspectMT on a mobile device for route-based collection. Additionally, infrared images can be saved in InspectMT wirelessly from the camera, providing the user with a simple route-based thermographic solution.

Working in combination with InspectMT, the user can collect additional data, enter notes, and snap a picture as needed to provide the analyst with all the information to make sound data-driven decisions.

Utilizing the Workflow Module, faults identified in the thermographic module can automatically trigger a Work Request in your organization’s CMMS/ERP system, such as SAP, Oracle EAM, JD Edwards, Maximo, and others.

Key Features

  • Import infrared and visible light images from infrared cameras directly into MAINTelligence™.
  • Manage thermographic data along with other PdM data in MAINTelligence™
  • Instantly make thermographic images and data available to all departments.
  • Integrate thermographic data and findings with information from vibration, oil analysis, ultrasonic and asset basic care programs.
  • The infrared thermography module displays thermographic images with a full range of features such as multiple palettes, visible light/thermographic, image blending, temperature histogram and more.


Eliminate Downtime

Ultrasonic analysis offers many benefits for all areas of plant maintenance. Machine failures discovered early are treatable issues, while early detection of microscopic changes in friction forces is possible with ultrasound, providing a bigger window of opportunity for scheduled maintenance to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Manage your route-based ultrasound programs with MAINTelligence™

  • Inspect the electrical system for faults
  • Inspect faulty steam traps
  • Find air and steam leaks

MAINTelligence interfaces with 3rd party hardware devices designed and built by companies specializing in ultrasonic technology. Please contact Design Maintenance Systems at info@desmaint.com for a list of compatible ultrasonic devices.

Motor Testing

Prevent Electric Motor Failure

Predict electric motor failure before it happens and take action to prevent it from happening. Integrate your data into MAINTelligence™, along with other predictive data, for a complete picture of your electric motor health.

The MAINTelligence PdMA MCE Gold interface allows our clients to import critical motor data from the MCE line of motor testers to MAINTelligence. Please go to pdma.com for more information on the capabilities and benefits of the MCE line of motor testing products.

Oil Sampling

The World’s Leading Lubricant Analysis System

The first choice of laboratories and heavy equipment operators for mission-critical lubricant analysis programs worldwide. MAINTelligence™ features an extensive library of lubricant data and test types and interfaces with the majority of popular on-site sampling instruments and lubricant testing labs so you can manage your on-site or laboratory-based lubricant analysis and contamination control programs.

We offer complete control over the sampling cycle, from generating sample bottle labels (complete with bar codes) to the electronic import of your sample results for a complete solution.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

A Reliability Focused CMMS MAINTelligence creates a framework that incorporates the CMMS aspects of collecting costs and allocating resources with a focus on reliability. Thus, MAINTelligence is the ultimate management tool for predictive and inspection based maintenance data, along with standard corrective and preventive maintenance work orders.

Part ManagementPart Management & Procurement

The Parts Manager and Purchasing Module offered by MAINTelligence™ are powerful tools that help organizations maintain optimal inventory levels of maintenance parts and supplies. The modules provide a comprehensive set of features that enable efficient and effective inventory management.

One of the key features of the Parts Manager and Purchasing Module is the ability to track all maintenance parts and supplies, with automatic parts requisition based on stocking levels and direct matching of parts requisitions to individual work orders. This feature helps ensure that inventory levels are optimized and that maintenance activities can be completed efficiently and effectively.

The module also offers triggered notifications for “Below Minimum On Hand Level” status for parts in inventory, enabling organizations to take proactive steps to replenish inventory before it becomes depleted. This feature can help organizations avoid costly downtime due to shortages of critical parts and supplies.

Another essential feature of the Purchasing Module is flexible receiving. This feature allows organizations to receive, backorder, or cancel any amount on order, split quantities for individual line items, and apply individual discounts to items. This level of flexibility enables organizations to manage inventory and purchasing processes effectively and helps ensure that they can meet the specific needs of their operations.

Finally, the module offers data import/export capabilities, which can be used to send/receive purchasing information to accounting/cost management systems. This integration helps ensure that inventory management processes are seamlessly integrated into the organization’s overall operations. That accurate data is available for decision-making and reporting purposes.

Overall, the Part Manager and Purchasing Module offered by MAINTelligence is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to optimize their inventory management processes. With its wide range of features and capabilities, the module can help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure they always have the parts and supplies needed to keep their operations running smoothly.

Work Order ManagementWork Order Management

MAINTelligence™ is a powerful maintenance management tool that allows plant personnel to easily submit maintenance requests and track their progress from approval through to completion. This software can be accessed via a variety of platforms, including handheld devices, and allows users to manage work requests, labour, planning, and scheduling in order to make the most of available resources and improve overall productivity.

One of the key features of MAINTelligence is its ability to manage work orders. This includes everything from installing new equipment to carrying out preventive maintenance work and managing critical shutdowns. The software allows users to assign priority status, labour time, parts, tools, contractors, and costs to each work order, ensuring that everything is tracked and managed efficiently.

Another important aspect of MAINTelligence is its ability to capture meter readings, downtime, and lost production on work order records. This information is critical for maintenance planning and scheduling, as it allows plant personnel to identify areas where improvements can be made to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

In addition, MAINTelligence provides a range of tools for managing work order assignments. Users can view all work orders or filter them based on a variety of criteria, such as those assigned to or by a particular person. The software also provides a work order backlog, which lists outstanding work orders and can be searched by any field.

One of the most useful features of MAINTelligence is its ability to record work already completed quickly and easily via non-scheduled or emergency work orders. This ensures that all maintenance work is tracked and managed efficiently, even when unexpected issues arise.

Overall, MAINTelligence is essential for any company that wants to improve its maintenance management processes. By allowing designated plant personnel to submit maintenance requests and track their progress and providing a range of tools for managing work orders and resources, this software can help companies make the most of their resources while improving productivity.

Planning & Scheduling

MAINTelligence™ is a powerful maintenance management system that offers a dynamic and flexible scheduling system called SmartSchedule™. This system allows work orders to be generated automatically based on preventive, inspection, and condition-based maintenance information, and it can modify maintenance schedules based on alarms or knowledge-based diagnostics. This means that keeping on schedule has never been easier because the system can adapt to changes in the plant environment and generate work orders as needed.

One of the key features of SmartSchedule™ is its scheduling flexibility. The system allows users to control the scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks for any facility, equipment, or component item in the database. Users can group jobs in a “task route” and schedule them as a single item. Additionally, numerous scheduling options are available to trigger tasks and generate work orders, including scheduling by calendar (fixed and elapsed dates), meters (such as operating hours, mileage, or production counts), equipment condition, alarms or knowledge-based diagnostics, and operations/production schedules.
Another important feature of SmartSchedule™ is its opportunistic scheduling capability. This allows maintenance tasks to be scheduled based on machinery availability, which can help optimize maintenance schedules and minimize downtime.

In summary, MAINTelligence’s SmartSchedule™ system offers a powerful and flexible scheduling solution for maintenance management. It allows for automated work order generation, scheduling by various parameters, and opportunistic scheduling based on machinery availability. This can help ensure that maintenance tasks are performed on time, reducing downtime and maximizing equipment performance.

The Intelligent Approach

MAINTelligence™ Is the Complete Solution

The assets that require attention, the reasons behind it, and the status of the work are easily visible and accessible. Scheduling work requests and work orders with the necessary resources, such as parts, tools, personnel, and contractors, is simple. Additionally, intelligent diagnostics and alarms automatically trigger work orders when needed, saving time and money for the reliability expert.

Connect MAINTelligence™ with Your Plant Software

A great reliability program is in direct correlation to the smooth partnership between maintenance, operations, planning and other departments. It is built with tools that both simplify and create these adept partnerships, fostering company-wide support. We believe in providing the flexibility to choose which key information to share for strengthening partnerships and support between programs and departments.

Built with an open data exchange, MAINTelligence™ integrates with nonproprietary systems and hardware, and runs on the ViewMT™ Dashboard, DMSI’s next generation of software. Our browser-based dashboard allows you to gain insights into your MAINTelligence™ data such as viewing metrics, the current condition of your assets, workflows, and other plant aspects.

Customize Your Reports for Optimal Usage

MAINTelligence™ offers a vast database of reports which can be sorted and fi ltered according to your preferences and requirements. The built-in Report Editor makes it easy to modify any report or label in MAINTelligence™. Our interface also allows you to create your own reports:

  • Include drawings, images, graphs, checklists, detailed instructions and special notes on your work orders and reports.
  • Auto-generate reports to automatically email other departments
  • Customize reports with your company’s logo, colors, fonts, and page numbering method
  • On-screen preview with pan, scroll, and zoom options.
  • Print, email, convert to web, fax, or export to Excel, Word, and PDF.
  • Instantly generate a barcode and add to a report or label.

MAINTelligence™ Connects With:

  1. Condition Monitoring Data Collectors across disciplines
  2. All major Oil Analysis laboratories
  3. ERP / EAM systems (SAP R/3, IBM MAXIMO, Oracle EAM, Ventyx, JD Edwards etc.)
  4. Process Historian Systems (OSISoft PI)
  5. Remote Citrix Metaframe

Don’t see yours? Contact us today to see how MAINTelligence™ can connect with your system.