Cat s61 smartphone

Take on whatever your work day throws at you with the CAT® S61 Smartphone

Fully Customizable Inspection Types

Define your own inspections with MAINTelligence™’s long list of available, customizable inspection types. You can collect data on pre-defined routes or in any order as needed by scanning the asset’s barcode/NFC tag. The Cat® S61 utilizes historical data for trending and alarming, allowing the operator to verify any change in the condition of the machine during inspection. Our integrated, adaptable monitoring system is the industry’s most proven way to be your first line of defense in protecting your plant assets.

Efficiency is the key to managing a busy day on the floor, and the right equipment will help you streamline your data collection process for optimum productivity.

Enter the Cat® S61


CatS61 Motor Inspection Screenshot

Built to withstand the most rugged environment, this upgraded smartphone is bigger, bolder and braver than before. It features an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, and is the world’s first smartphone with integrated laser-assisted distance measurement.

You can enter readings, usage and level values for asset health, safety, thermography and vibration analysis as you go and the Cat® S61 will display remedial instructions immediately after a fault condition is indicated for the fastest response to machine malfunction on the market.

A Fully Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera

Using FLIR’s thermal imaging technology, the Cat® S61 can monitor and diagnose problems at the touch of a button. With an expanded measurable temperature range that is able to locate a heat source up to 400º Celsius, it can diagnose dampness, leaks and blockages.

Incorporating increased power of the brand-new HD detail for unmatched image optimization using FLIR’s MSX® technology, the Cat® S61 means monitoring and diagnosing problems are quicker than ever, resulting in less costly downtime.

thermal data on the Cat61 smartphone

Monitor Temperature and Environmental Factors With Ease

Be alerted to high levels of indoor air pollutants (VOCs) and humidity changes with the Cat® S61’s indoor air quality monitor to avoid a toxic work environment and malfunctions.

The Most Convenient Way To Take Measurement Estimates On Site, Ever

The first of its kind, the Measure app utilizes the Cat® S61’s built-in laser and rear camera to establish depth and calculate distances. Use it to measure the distance from the device to a surface, and to estimate areas on that same surface. The Measure app also helps you capture images on-site for later use.

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