Creating Numeric Inspection with Alarm Set

Part 1:

To make a single numeric value type of point for example temperature points, you first need to have a reading type. Then this reading type must be associated or linked to the point that is meant to collect this value.

  1. Refer to Figures 1 – 3 to create the reading type. Note this example illustrates how to make a reading type ie. meant for tracking temperature in Farenheit. If you are measuring the bearing surface temperature, ambiant temperature, or sea water temperature you do not have to make a separate reading type. You only need to make different points to describe process location noted above. This approach will control the number of reading types needed in any database.

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Part 2:

To make the point using the reading type created, refer to Figures 4 – 6.

Figure 4



Figure 5                      


Select Raytek for temp gun or Single Value for manual entry

Figure 6


Part 3:

In order for the point to have an alarm, you must first define an alarm set. Next you must link the point to this alarm set. This is illustrated in Figures 7a – 14. 

Figure 7a


Figure 7b


Figure 8


Figure 9


Figure 10


Figure 11


Figure 12


Figure 13               


Figure 14