DMSI Time Limit

How to setup a time limit to determine if old data is still valid

How To Setup a Time Limit

Below we run through a quick overview of how to set up a time limit to filter applicable data.

  1.  First click Setup and select Options. Then choose the Alarms tab.
  2. You will notice a field at the bottom of the window called data analysis. The default value is 52 weeks. Often, users do not change this value and do not set up a schedule for the points. This causes the status of the asset to show green for almost a year even though the data may be six months old.
  3.  The Time Limit value should be a shorter period. Our recommended value is 2 weeks.

If the current data is 2 weeks older than the current date then the status becomes white. This is an indication that either data was intentionally not collected or it was missed out.

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