Lubrication Management

Feature Summary

  • Track all of your equipment data, including asset and warranty information
  • Flexible lubrication scheduling by calendar, meter, lubrication condition, equipment condition or operations
  • Complete lubricant and parts tracking and correlate consumption patterns by equipment, component and lubricant type
  • Optional mobile devices for rapid data input and accurate asset identification
  • Your complete on or off-site lubrication analysis management solution

Oil Labs, Reports and Rounds

MAINTelligence™ is your total lubrication and oil analysis management solution. Kick-start your reliability  program with the MAINTelligence™ Sample Manager to manage oil analysis and InspectMT™ to manage lubrication rounds. Our flexible software package helps you manage all of the details, reducing task time and improving asset availability.

Manage the details with MAINTelligence™:

  • Lubrication Site Audits
  • Lubrication Application Scheduling
  • Lubrication Logistics
  • Contamination Control
  • Lubricant Analysis

Lubrication Rounds

Manage lubrication rounds in MAINTelligence™ using InspectMT™ on rugged mobile devices for automated, error-proof lubrication management.

Downloading predefined lubrication routes to InspectMT™ on the ruggedized mobile device and uploading completed rounds to MAINTelligence™

eliminates error-prone clipboards and saves time. Your lubrication technician has instant access to predefined routes, barcode scanning technology, and options to enter the amount, type, time spent, and other notes to simplify lubrication processes into an automated process.

  • Eliminate paperwork and reduce costs
  • Simplify updating/posting lubrication tasks to reduce manpower efforts
  • Improve accuracy of data by identifying assets using barcode/NFC
  • Eliminate lost or duplicate lubrication tasks, data-entry errors, and backlogs
  • Improve status visibility of lubrication routes in-progress
  • Boost productivity and employee program ownership by eliminating paperwork and improving data collection

Lubrication Logistics

MAINTelligence™ stores all of your lubrication specification information (viscosity, pour point, SAE number, etc.) and tools for stock level management. Store lubrication data in one unit (barrels, cans, etc.) and distribute in another unit such as ounces or grease shots. Track how much lubrication is added to an asset and set auto-alarms when lubrication is above predefined levels.

Lubrication Scheduling

MAINTelligence™ is designed to simplify lubrication tracking, scheduling and routing, as well as lubricant inventory management for all types of site equipment. It can generate a wide range of customizable reports, including detailed lube charts for a single piece of equipment, a department, or an entire facility. MAINTelligence™ can also print out lubrication routes for any desired period (per day, per week, per month, etc.). Incomplete tasks are marked as overdue and highlighted for the subsequent schedule period.

The lubrication management function interfaces seamlessly with other MAINTelligence™ capabilities such as vibration analysis, thermography, ultrasonic leak/bearing checks, motor testing, and visual machine inspections.

Utilize your oil analysis program results to trigger additional or subsequent lubrication tasks instantly. MAINTelligence™ is the only lubrication management system on the market designed to trigger and manage lubrication tasks based on lubrication condition, as well as on a predefined lubrication schedule. MAINTelligence™ is the only system your lubrication specialist needs to access all the information in one place to maintain a proactive fluid management program.

(lubrication history by route)

(insert sample report)

Data Displays and Reporting

The MAINTelligence™ lubricant analysis database manages:

  • All lubrication test results
  • All ASTM tests (water, TAN, soot, etc.)
  • Spectrography (ICP and rotating disc)
  • Particle counts (2-part / 3-part ISO code, NAS, SAE, particle distribution histograms, particle size)
  • Viscosity (absolute and kinematic)
  • FTIR Spectroscopy
  • Ferrography (both direct reading and analytical ferrography)
  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL) calculations
  • RBOT

Lubrication Sample Management and Analysis

MAINTelligence™ is the world’s leading lubricant analysis system. The first choice of laboratories and classified mission-critical industries, our extensive lubricant data library and wide range of test types makes MAINTelligence™ the ideal management tool for your on-site or off-site laboratory-based lubricant analysis and contamination control programs.

MAINTelligence™ gives you complete control over the sampling cycle. From generating sample bottle labels with barcodes, all the way through to electronic import of your sample results, it interfaces seamlessly with all major lubricant testing laboratories and most on-site sampling instruments for unmatched accuracy.

  • Schedule and manage oil samples for in-house or external lab testing
  • Create standard industry sample labels
  • Create standard industry sample reports
  • Includes a predefined library of lubricant specifications
  • View all data results from a single oil sample on the screen at once