Senior Software Development Manager

Meet new team member Constanza Tajmuch

Constanza Tajmuch – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

We’d like to introduce our newest team member for Design Maintenance Systems Inc. Constanza Tajmuch, our new Sales & Marketing Coordinator!

Inspired by a passion for product creation and problem-solving, Constanza joins our team with elevated marketing and sales efforts. Coming from an engineering background and possessing valuable marketing expertise, we’re confident she’ll excel in her position.

Constanza (Coti) TajmuchAs a Product Manager in her previous role, Constanza brings priceless experience to propel DMSI forward. Managing projects from inception to launch while collaborating with multiple teams, she has achieved remarkable results.

Drawn to DMSI’s industry experience and reputation, she eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to our growth and success. The alignment with our vision and goals makes Constanza a perfect fit for our team.

You can always find her learning and keeping up to date with industry trends by reading, listening to podcasts, and following thoughtful leaders.
Motivated by personal growth and making a positive impact, Constanza brings a collaborative, strategic, and creative approach to her work.
Beyond worklife, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

Let’s welcome Constanza as she embarks on this exciting journey with us. Stay tuned for the contributions she’ll make within our sales and marketing efforts as we work through exciting new projects!