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Make MAINTelligence your number one complete solution for plant management

We develop Asset Performance Management System solutions that are in line with market opportunities and client requirements. By listening to you, our strategic partners, we can provide the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective maintenance software and services. We also believe in end-to-end support, because asset health isn’t a one-and-done; it’s a long-term relationship that needs careful attention for a positive bottom line.

Customizable for complete integration

Our multi-tiered approach to asset management, maintenance scheduling, and all condition-based maintenance technologies creates a completely integrated and automated equipment reliability system.

Rooted in asset management, our advanced applications are tailored for equipment health assessment: Vibration analysis, lubricant analysis, thermography, ultrasonic analysis, and motor monitoring. We also offer data access interfaces for a wide variety of instruments, laboratories and systems for a comprehensive condition-based maintenance program.  

Maximizing asset utilization through the 6 key aspects of condition monitoring 

Easy and Efficient Inspections

Just another way DMSI is a seamless choice: we offer both the software and the hardware for a one-stop shop for our clients. MAINTelligence InspectMT automates inspections with rugged mobile devices that feature completely customizable software and are extremely versatile. Designed for durability, our mobile devices can withstand whatever the day throws at it (literally). While automating the inspection process is the most effective method to strengthen the collective effort involved in reliability initiatives. Easy-to-use, our system reduces labour and maintenance costs in the most efficient digital method on the market. 

Vibration analysis program

Suitable for most production environments and equipment, MAINTelligence™ provides a wide variety of vibration data collection products to meet all our client’s needs. Mobile data collectors, permanently mounted online systems, and temporary/portable online systems provide our clients with a comprehensive vibration analysis program. Features include analysis tools such as harmonic and sideband cursors, signal post-processing tools, customizable alarms (overall, spectral and narrow band, envelope) and fault frequency overlays (bearings, gears, blades, belts, electrical) for each vibration point. Paired with our Condition Assessment Module, a rule-based inference engine, MAINTelligence™ provides a diagnosis of the existing problem(s) and a recommendation.


Import infrared and visible light images from infrared cameras, manage thermographic data along with other PdM data, and share thermographic images between departments—all in MAINTelligence™. You can also integrate thermographic data and findings with information from vibration, oil analysis, ultrasonic and asset basic care programs. The infrared thermography module allows for the display of thermographic images with a full range of features such as multiple palettes, visible light/thermographic, image blending, temperature histogram and more.


Ultrasonic analysis offers many benefits for all areas of plant maintenance. Discover machine failures early to prevent downtime through detectable microscopic changes in friction forces, providing a bigger window of opportunity for scheduled maintenance and at a reduced maintenance cost.

Motor Testing

Utilizing computer-supported equipment or tools that monitor motor trends, motor testing evaluates a motor’s integrity. The primary goal of motor testing is to uncover undetected issues and avoid unnecessary failure. Being able to predict electric motor failure before it happens and take action to prevent it from happening by integrating your data into MAINTelligence™, along with other predictive data for a complete picture of your electric motor health.

Oil Sampling

We are the first choice of laboratories and heavy equipment operators for mission-critical lubricant analysis programs around the world. MAINTelligence™ features an extensive library of lubricant data and test types, and interfaces with the majority of popular on-site sampling instruments and lubricant testing labs so you can manage your on-site or laboratory-based lubricant analysis and contamination control programs. We offer you complete control over the sampling cycle, from generating sample bottle labels (complete with bar codes), all the way through to electronic import of your sample results for a complete solution.

For a more in-depth look at how our advanced applications, hardware and services can help your operations from A to Z, book a demo with us today.