Design Maintenance Systems Inc. (DMSI)

How the Right Tools
Saved Over $70,000 in Repairs for Vectren Energy

CASE STUDY: Vectren Energy provides gas and electricity to over 1M customers in Indiana and Ohio. 

Needing to maximize productivity while reducing operations and maintenance costs in light of increased competition and regulations in recent years, Vectren turned to MAINTelligence to stay ahead of the curve.

In a company with 5,000+ employees, managing maintenance work orders consistently is critical. Production Supervisor Bill Phipps has been with Vectren for over 33 years, and believes that incorporating MAINTelligence into their existing system has proved vital to the company’s success. Phipps’ goal was to find a program that would allow field operators to record equipment readings, create easily accessible data history, as well as provide trending graphs for short- and long-term analysis.

He found that answer in MAINTelligence™.

Do you have an urgent need for paperless data collection?

Are audits and insurance inspections causing you a headache?

Looking for those fire extinguisher checks, sprinkler system checks, SCBA and AED checks—from last year? Collecting the right paper documents is inconvenient, time-consuming and therefore costly. 

A digital solution for data gathering solves the pains associated with pen and paper forms, and improves day-to-day operations, saving valuable time and reams of paper. 

MAINTelligence™ can do that for you.

Graduating to Automatically Generated Work Orders

Discover how:

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Vectren saved $70,000 on maintenance costs in one year alone
The company improved productivity with less downtime
Initiated a culture of proactive maintenance
Created consistency despite being such a large and diverse company operating across regions

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