Introducing ConnectCE™

DMSI is pleased to introduce ConnectCE™, the latest addition to the MAINTelligence™ suite of products. As a separate app, ConnectCE™ is designed for environments using ruggedized handheld devices that run InspectCE™ Build 317.

ConnectCE™ is a utility that enables wireless data transfer between MAINTelligence™ and InspectCE,” explains Todd Chow, VP of Product Development. “For environments which support web services, ConnectCE™ makes data transfer effortless, replacing the need for handheld devices to be docked before data can be uploaded to MAINTelligence™.”

“With ConnectCE™, wireless data exchange between plants or sites where handhelds collect condition data and the server running MAINTelligence™ – which could be at a data center or the IT department of a company’s headquarters – is effortless,” Chow adds.

Without the dependency on a docking station, an operator, oiler, inspector or maintenance specialist using a mobile device can immediately transit a work request or a critical condition back to the control room, an operational center, or head office.

At the same time, instant wireless data exchange adds flexibility when it comes to making new inspection routes available to the shop floor, inspection site etc.

ConnectCE™ leverages the power of cloud computing together with MAINTelligence™’s analytics and algorithms. Seconds after an operator, oiler, inspector or maintenance worker has uploaded InspectCE™ data using ConnectCE™, management has access to the latest alarm logs, condition status, and work requests. Combine InspectCE™ devices with other data collection instruments — such as infrared guns and vibration collectors — and you increase the flexibility and power of this versatile device.

About InspectCE™

Introduced in 2003, InspectCE™ was designed as a mobile inspection and data collection solution to help operators collect data. InspectCE uses scanning technology (bar codes, or RFID) for equipment identification. InspectCE™ supports round-based data collection including lubrication, OHSA, thermographic, vibration, and oil sample rounds. Together with the Liberator™, InspectCE™ can be used to collect acceleration, velocity, and displacement readings.


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