Design Maintenance Systems Inc. (DMSI)

Make 2020 Your
Best Maintenance Year Yet

For over 30 years, Design Maintenance Systems has helped companies successfully move from a reactive environment to a predictive one through data analytics and AI for organizational success. 

Condition Monitoring assesses asset health to minimize downtime through integrated data collection from numerous sources.

Successful Integrated Condition Monitoring implementation is dependent on:


Knowing what to listen and look for

Establishing parameters for operations

Understanding what it means

Effectively interpreting collected data

Knowing when to take action

The simplicity, flexibility and scalability of MAINTelligence enables you to do all that
AND conveniently integrate all condition monitoring data of your assets into one place.

When data is analyzed in one system, it allows for: 

  • Proactive identification and repair of equipment
  • Increased production and safety
  • Collaboration between departments and technologies

Industrial Industry of Things (IIoT) – the Great Enabler


Having a well-defined strategy with calculated goals can go a long way in the successful implementation of ICM. Routinely collecting data sounds like a simple process. But if your data is inaccurate or inconsistent, then your ICM can miss early warning signs and develop major problems. Unscheduled downtime caused by failures eats into the maintenance budget and resource productivity. Routine maintenance helps, but it won’t reveal issues before they happen.

An Integrated Condition Monitoring system can help you:

  • Streamline decision-making
  • Keep relevant stakeholders looped in 
  • When done correctly and strategically, it can positively affect your organization’s bottom line
  • Instant access across departments 
  • Replicating success across plants is possible through a standardized system

Interested in what Condition Monitoring analyzes and how it can streamline your organization for dramatically improved accuracy that minimizes costs and maximizes resources?

And discover how we can help you improve your operations today.