MAINTelligence™ for Super Users, spring edition, North Vancouver, BC

North Vancouver, BC
April 16, 2018 - April 17, 2018

Maintelligence for SuperUsers $1495 USD

The SuperUser course is for participants with several years experience using MAINTelligence and will cover a combination of administrator, DBA, advanced user topics and scripting/ rule writing. The format will be several group sessions combined with one-on-one, hands on learning of topics requested by the end user.

Time: 9am-5pm, both days
Location: DMSI 38 Fell Ave #201, North Vancouver, BC

Register by phone: 1.800.923.3674 or by email at

Who should attend?

This course is designed for students who will be administering a MAINTelligence system and involved in the daily operation, control, strategy, and implementation of MAINTelligence, whether it is used as an inspection, condition monitoring or asset management system, or combination.


As this course is designed for advanced MAINTelligence users, attendees need to have completed MAINTelligence Level I and II, plus have advanced working knowledge of any Windows operating system (Windows 7/8/10/Sever). Students should also be proficient in Microsoft Excel and have some familiarity with Windows security models.

Course Topics

The topics covered will vary based on participants’ request, but may include any of the following:


  • MAINTelligence configuration options and administration program.
  • How to create, manage and backup databases using MAINTelligence in a 24/7 online environment.
  • User setup, including user access levels and user rights and managing fixed and floating user accounts.

Instrumentation / Data Communication

  • Examination of the use of import and export modules with special emphasis on the use of schedulers and the auto-import and auto-export commands to automate the data transfer process.
  • Examination of the mechanisms available to send/receive data to external programs, such as SAP and other ERP systems, and PI and other data historians.
  • System configuration for MNTDataService, the web service used to manage InfoBoard and InspectNET

Reports and Queries

  • In depth examination of the report and query editor.
  • In depth examination of the query editor.
  • Writing queries to extract data from MAINTelligence databases.
  • Advanced topics (pivot tables, use of the subselects, etc.)

Condition Assessment

  • In depth examination of the rule editor and the VARMINT rule syntax.
  • Study the relationship between point data, alarm sets and symptoms.
  • Create, test and implement the rule sets.

Performance Indicators

  • Understanding the different roles of performance indicators.
  • Using InfoBoard to present performance indicators.
  • Using InfoScript to extract historical data and create trendable performance indicators.

Register by phone: 1.800.923.3674 or by email at

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