DMSI MAINTelligence™-Certified Specialists



Michael Amendola

Darby Denmark

Spencer Mays

Kenneth H. Terrell

Paul Dufresne


Robert Price

Justin Price

The MAINTelligence™-Certified Specialists, accredited by DMSI, are qualified to implement the MAINTelligence™ system and provide immediate and ongoing consulting and mentoring. All MAINTelligence™-Certified Specialists have expert-level knowledge of successful integration, implementation, and day-to-day application of MAINTelligence™.

Some of the solutions that our Specialists can guide you through:

  • Mentoring engineers and workers on making workflow optimization within MAINTelligence more seamless and efficient
  • Showing, how through a collection of useful data, managers can make more effective data-driven decisions in facilities – to maximize investment and minimize risks
  • Creating reports that include images, graphs, checklists, detailed instructions and notes.
  • Developing scheduled maintenance plans in an efficient and cost-effective manner that minimizes plant downtime
  • Understanding the differences between the various import/export methods available, and how to choose the method that best suits the specific requirements of the plant operation
  • Generating automated assessments of equipment condition and understanding the relationship between Alarm Sets and Rule Sets using the Condition Assessment module

MAINTelligence™ Certified Specialists are experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds who have demonstrated a strong understanding with respect to the daily operation, control, strategy, and implementation of MAINTelligence™ as an inspection, condition monitoring or asset management system.