Design Maintenance Systems Inc. (DMSI)

Make 2020 Your
Best Maintenance Year Yet

Are you and your team being as proactive as possible in reducing equipment failure and maximizing your production output?

How much unplanned and unwanted downtime did you encounter in the past year?

With a proper PdM strategy in place, your company can:

Increase equipment uptime and life expectancy through condition-triggered maintenance
Maintenance professionals can conduct root-cause analysis and automate work orders to reduce equipment malfunction losses.

Manage and monitor asset health and workloads
MAINTelligence™ helps define the parameters being measured for better understanding of your company’s unique maintenance strategy. This alignment positively impacts the bottom line for cost, safety and environmental benefits.

Improve overall safety and reliability throughout your entire organization
A sound maintenance strategy improves organizational culture through alignment of resources and objectives for a positive bottom line and increased inter-company safety, trust, and communication, as well as environmental benefits.

DMSI has helped companies realize their organizational and management goals for over three decades.

The collection and analysis of multiple large data sets to improve accuracy, efficiency, safety and reliability optimizes overall plant performance. DMSI’s condition-based algorithms support our clients’ goals by integrating their specific data sets and mining it for insight. A prerequisite for success is aligning business goals with stakeholder incentives.

Optimizing your facility helps cut operational costs and streamline production for efficiency. Ultimately, it comes down to: How are you utilizing your production data?

Discover how DMSI can help YOU achieve organizational harmony, improve production output, and increase your bottom line.

“Synergy is the bonus achieved when things work together harmoniously.”  – Mark Twain