technican checks worker for temperature reading during covid-19

Adapting MAINTelligence™ to track COVID-19

When you have global operations and clients around the world, staying up and running is crucial. As is the safety of every team member. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the continents, companies were forced to either shut down, or become strategic in their approach to operations — or both, as the world slowly starts to open up again.

Adapting MAINTelligence™ to track Covid-19 at worksites

For our client, a leader in the paper and packaging industry, having MAINTelligence™ has turned into a literal lifesaver.

The packaging giant began “testing” its employees through a paper-based questionnaire that resulted in delays, errors, and info traffic jams. These questionnaires were filled out on-site or before the employee came into work, resulting in a filing nightmare.

A Reliability Engineer at the company credits DMSI with saving the company a huge amount of time and errors, and therefore money, by automating the process. No errors, in this case, also means increased safety for the team as employees on the floor are healthy enough to be there.

Adapting MAINTelligence™ helps keep employees safe

Utilizing the rugged, handheld field devices, employees and contractors were “screened” through their ID codes by answering the following questions:

Have you been around an infected person in the last 14 days?
Have you traveled anywhere with high infection rates?

Temperature readings were also logged, and anyone who registered as having one was sent home. Approximately 500 people per day are scanned — and it doesn’t take that long.

The information is recorded quickly and simply — less than 30 seconds, which means no long waits in line — and most importantly, it was streamlined for review. Management has a timely overview of who’s on the floor, and what’s going on with them. The digitized method also has a high success rate, as 5 – 10 people were sent home with a fever last month, compared to the 1 or 2 prior to using MAINTelligence™. Employees feel safer at work because they know an effort is being made to protect them by keeping people who might spread the virus away from the mill.

Between contractors and employees, 3,000 people were imported into MAINTelligence™ in less than a week. The process is efficient and effective, and just another innovative way the mobile asset health inspection system can benefit your plant. Its integrated monitoring system not only protects your plant assets, but your human assets now as well, to be the industry’s most proven, data-driven solution.