Infrared Thermography

Feature Summary

  • Import infrared and visible light images from infrared cameras directly into MAINTelligence™.
  • Manage thermographic data the same as other PdM data in MAINTelligence™.
  • Share thermographic images throughout the organization without the camera’s software.
  • Integrate thermographic data and findings with information from vibration, oil analysis, ultrasonic and asset basic care programs.
  • The infrared thermography module allows the operator to display the thermographic images with a full range of features such as multiple palettes, visible light/ thermographic image blending, temperature histogram and more.

Created with ease of use in mind, the infrared thermography module makes identification, analysis and reporting of a wide range of thermal anomalies quick and effortless. Infrared thermography can be used in electrical, mechanical, and structural applications to help extend asset availability and performance.

The infrared thermography module makes correlating infrared data with other technologies easy and effective, allowing users to easily generate customized, professional reports.

Working in combination with the latest version of InspectMT™, infrared analysts can automate the infrared data collection process. Enter notes, take pictures or other information needed for corrective maintenance work orders into InspectMT™, and tie this information to a thermographic image collected in one of the supported cameras.

This enables the operator to automatically link the thermographic image to the correct asset when uploading inspection points.

DMSI infrared thermography device


The following are required before images can be captured onto InspectMT™.

  1. Toshiba FlashAirTM SD card configured to be used with InspectMT™ (probably point to source)
  2. An operational thermographic camera that supports a Toshiba FlashAir™ SD card
  3. An operational InspectMT™ on a device that has Wi-Fi