MAINTelligence™ Upgrades to 5.5

Press Release: MAINTelligence™ Upgrades to 5.5

Get more from your data: ViewMT™ for MAINTelligence™

DMSI’s latest upgrade MAINTelligence™ 5.5 offers support for our new dashboard, ViewMT™, as well as licensing changes to make your Asset Performance Management System even more functional as we continue to improve our APMS to meet your needs.

The ViewMT™ Dashboard allows you to gain insights into your MAINTelligence™ data by viewing metrics, asset conditions, workflows, and other important aspects of your plant via the new ViewMT™ web service. The 5.5 upgrade also includes the number of purchased InspectMT™ product keys, so you can manage them within the MAINTelligence™ system through an automatic licensing system to register the application.

“Efficiency is paramount to a successful operation. We want to remain at the frontlines of this kind of tech and are continually streamlining our products to ensure your best experience possible,” says Todd Chow, DMSI’s VP of Product.

MAINTelligence™ 5.5 features a new online vibration interface: The TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor interface allows MAINTelligence™ to retrieve and store vibration data from fixed sensors.

MAINTelligence™ 5.5 also features improved usability for mobile users and groups, and can originate from a MAINTelligence user™ or be independently created. Mobile groups allow you to assemble and categorize mobile users into logical groups based on roles, locations, shifts or other grouping that suits your processes.

MAINTelligence™ 5.5 is compatible with InspectMT™ 1.4 and 1.3. 

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