Senior Software Development Manager

New team member Ali Basij

DMSI Welcomes Senior Software Development Manager Ali Basij to the Team

We warmly welcome our newest team member at Design Maintenance Systems Inc.: Ali Basij. Ali joins us as the Senior Software Development Manager, bringing with him an outstanding amount of experience and expertise related to software development, DevOps, and quality assurance. His contribution to DMSI will help us with our mission of excellence in the Enterprise Asset Performance Management solutions field.

With a passion for understanding customer needs and delivering effective solutions, Ali was inspired to pursue a career with us here at Design Maintenance Systems Inc. DMSI attracted Ali due to the stability of our customer base and the journey of our dedicated team. He contributes a proven track record of success as a previous co-founder, CEO, and CTO of thriving startups in the tech industry. Nurturing a collaborative approach, he fostered principled decision making while leading exceptional teams and sharpening his entrepreneurial skills.

Ali Basij

Motivated by team accomplishments and customer satisfaction, Ali prides himself on creating positive work environments and crafting a pragmatic impact on his direct surroundings. Ali’s work realm can be summarized as emphasizing collaboration, support, and ethical decision-making.

Ali keeps up-to-date with industry trends by utilizing online resources and his commitment to continuous learning ensures that he remains at the forefront of innovation and can provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We can’t wait for Ali to contribute to DMSI’s continued growth and success, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge within our organization.

Outside of work life, you’ll find him enjoying nature, indulging in aquatic events, and participating in football and volleyball. Ali also likes to follow national football teams such as France, Germany, and Iran. He also enjoys watching the exciting NBA Finals.

Welcome to the team, Ali!