New MAINTelligence 5.7 update on a handheld computer used by two plant workers with dashboard in background

MAINTelligence 5.7 Unveils New Additions for Enhanced Maintenance Management and Data Integration

New Additions for Enhanced Maintenance Management in MAINTelligence 5.7

Vancouver, September 18th, 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of MAINTelligence 5.7, the latest version of our cutting-edge Asset Performance Management (APM) software, designed to revolutionize how businesses optimize asset performance and streamline maintenance operations. This new update introduces a range of powerful features, with a primary focus on seamless integration, expanded compatibility, and improved user experience, reaffirming our commitment to providing top-notch solutions to our valued customers.

Here are the key highlights of MAINTelligence 5.7

Enhanced SAP Integration

In response to customer feedback and the growing demand for efficient workflows, MAINTelligence 5.7 introduces enhanced SAP integration. Now, images captured with InspectMT can be directly accessed and stored in SAP work notifications. This new capability eliminates the need for lengthy comments and revisiting equipment, significantly improving collaboration and data sharing among teams.

Advanced MAINTelligence Integration

With the new release, images captured in InspectMT for alarm log-triggered work orders are now seamlessly integrated with the MAINTelligence to External System – Work Flow Through Table-Based Communication interface. This integration empowers users to retrieve field-captured images within their work order system more efficiently, enabling quicker decision-making and enhancing overall asset management.

Expanded Compatibility

Recognizing the importance of interoperability, MAINTelligence 5.7 introduces a specialized driver that reads and stores exported results from the Spectro Scientific MiniLab 153 Oil Analyzer. This compatibility enhancement allows for effortless data integration, ensuring smoother analysis capabilities and providing maintenance teams with critical insights for better decision-making.

Improved User Experience

Understanding the significance of a user-friendly interface, MAINTelligence 5.7 enhances the Managers module by introducing an additional prompt for item deletion. This new feature adds an extra layer of caution, preventing accidental deletions and promoting a safer and more intuitive user experience.

Streamlined InspectCE Points

In our pursuit of optimization, InspectCE MAINTelligence points have been upgraded to ensure consistency with InspectMT. Unnecessary settings have been removed, streamlining the workflow and making it more efficient for maintenance teams to manage and analyze data effectively.

“We are excited to launch MAINTelligence 5.7, which showcases our ongoing dedication to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of maintenance professionals,” said Andrew Liddle, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Design Maintenance Systems Inc. “With its enhanced SAP integration, improved user experience, and expanded compatibility, MAINTelligence 5.7 empowers organizations to achieve unparalleled efficiency in their maintenance practices.”

About Design Maintenance Systems Inc.:

Design Maintenance Systems Inc. is a leading provider of innovative maintenance management software solutions designed to help businesses achieve operational excellence. Our comprehensive suite of products, MAINTelligence, has been trusted by organizations worldwide to optimize maintenance strategies, enhance asset reliability, and improve overall efficiency.

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