Introducing InspectMT™ for Android 4.4 and higher

Introducing InspectMT™ for Android 4.4 and higher

DMSI is excited to launch the latest addition to their system – InspectMT™ for Android.

InspectMT™ is easy to implement and intuitive to use. It offers the features that plants require in their everyday operations, including the capability to create inspection routes, enter specific measurement points, and record results. With more thorough insights into maintenance data, your managers will make better-informed decisions.

Using wireless communication, InspectMT™ for Android makes data transfer quick and effortless. Get instant feedback on asset condition, as InspectMT generates additional tasks or corrective work orders.

InspectMT™ enhances MAINTelligence™, providing the best support for clients worldwide and maximizing their asset investment through reliable equipment maintenance.

InspectMT™ tracks extensive asset and operational information to improve asset performance, reduce costs, and mitigate operating risks.  It increases overall safety, efficiency and reliability. It is now available on Android devices including Janam.

DMSI is an established global provider of Enterprise Asset Performance Management (EAPM) solutions, which we continuously improve to meet market demands and client requirements.

InspectMT™ Supported Features:

  • Barcode or NFC scanning of asset tags for asset identification
  • Entering readings, usage and level values for asset health, safety, thermography, and vibration analysis with the help of user-defined data entry forms that can be customized for individual points
  • Taking a picture with the device’s camera and using tools to markup, edit or annotate that picture
  • Work request entry for a selected asset
  • Ability to zoom and pan all graphs either by touch or available buttons
  • Bluetooth comm with vibration and thermographic devices
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement readings