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How Three Decades of Experience in Asset Performance Management Can Help You

For over thirty years DMSI has been a trusted partner to hundreds of all-sized clients in a range of industries from pulp and paper, to mining and petrochemical. Our Asset Performance Management System solution saves our clients millions of dollars and while increasing operational hours.

The key to a successful Asset Performance Management System (APMS) is utilizing it as an optimization tool, not a solution to poorly managed maintenance. One of the most significant issues that companies face when implementing APMS solutions is communication, along with managing the expectations of stakeholders. This often comes down to a lack of strategy, a lack of data processes, and a quick-fix mentality. 

Understanding that there is no silver bullet is the first step towards a seamless solution.

The First Step of APMS: Long Term Planning

It seems obvious, but without a plan, there is no organizational direction and the company’s objective can’t be achieved. When considering an asset management strategy, it’s important to understand the level of commitment required to be successful. The dynamic nature of maintenance and operations makes long-term planning essential throughout all levels of the organization. 

Long term planning that includes a documented strategy will help your team communicate effectively and avoid data quality inconsistencies. Your APMS is only as strong as the quality of your data. 

A quick-fix mentality can be detrimental to the success of an implementation. To avoid this method, implementing training and an understanding of why certain processes are in place can improve their chances of being used. Empowering employees and users with these details will go a long way in ensuring the quality of data. Training should integrate the use of software with business processes to ensure that everyone understands the “why” and knows that this training supports his or her role in the organization.

How Maintenance Strategy Can Catapult Your Business To Success

MAINTelligence™ has helped our clients scale and streamline operations while (nearly) eliminating wasted resources since 1986. To help you further understand how we can help you succeed in your APMS adoption, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. 

If you have any questions about adopting MAINTelligence™ or Asset Performance  Management best practices, feel free to reach out to us at We’d be happy to answer them! 

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