Here are our top 3 performance maintenance tips

Trying to use an EAM, Enterprise Asset Management system is not the most effective way to manage and organize your plant assets. Instead, we maintain using an APM, Asset Performance Management system to drive predictive and proactive maintenance. 

APM maintains, supports, and oversees your physical assets all through one system to improve your overall performance insight. By automating predictive and proactive maintenance in this way, you’ve automatically improved your asset reliability.

A streamlined APM also provides solutions for physical assets through clearer analytics options. As well as simplifying asset tracking, it improves utilization of asset data and streamlines communication among proactive maintenance and production teams. 

Let’s break that down to take a closer look at each step.

1. How MAINTelligence works with your EAM software

Paper data entry is time-consuming and expensive, with an inherent increased chance of error. Paper, and even manually created spreadsheets, are a thing of the past when it comes to plant management.

EAM only organizes preventive maintenance tasks according to time, whereas APM adds condition to the maintenance mix. 

Take into consideration the number of departments and team members your organization has, as well as your organization’s needs, and this will help determine that an all-inclusive APM can streamline effective communication that doesn’t eat into valuable man hours.

Typically, your CMMS creates work orders based on time. MAINTelligence™ analyses and diagnoses the asset data and triggers work on condition, rendering time-based work orders obsolete.

MAINTelligence™ was designed with reliability professionals in mind. As a front-end to your organization’s EAM system, MAINTelligence provides the functionality to collect, trend, analyze, diagnose and visualize your physical asset health data to make data-driven decisions. MAINTelligence™ streamlines the work request process by automatically generating a work request in your EAM system based on the fault found or the diagnosis created by the system.

MAINTelligence™ enables you to create visibility, streamline communication, collect accurate data, and digitize and automate your maintenance programs.

2. Collect accurate asset data

Collecting accurate asset data is crucial to keep systems running smoothly and help you build your proactive maintenance plan.

By collecting accurate data and generating reports with the most up-to-date analytics through an APM rather than an outdated system of paper and spreadsheets—or even worse, having separate software in each department—one streamlined system ensures that your entire organization is seeing the same data as soon as it’s available.

A centralized APM system, like MAINTelligence ensures a two-way communication across roles. When you’re collecting data, it’s multiple kinds of data, such as lubrication, inspection, and vibration. A plant manager needs to have a birds-eye view of all, and area managers are only analyzing and working with the data on the assets that they are responsible for. 

3. Smooth, effective communication across departments

Plant assets have a shared function within businesses. Therefore, managers must coordinate with field operators and technicians to ensure smooth and seamless communication, which is one of the top enterprise asset management best practices. 

The ViewMT™ Dashboard allows you to gain insights into your MAINTelligence™ data by viewing metrics, asset conditions, workflows, and other important aspects of your plant that can be viewed throughout all departments. 

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