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Enhancing maintenance efficiency with the TPI 377BLE Infrared Thermometer

Introducing the TPI 377BLE Infrared Thermometer for Seamless Temperature Collection and Data Transfer.

Designed for ease of use and seamless compatibility, the TPI 377BLE Infrared Thermometer redefines temperature monitoring, enabling quick and efficient data transfer to InspectMT™ that translates to instant corrective maintenance work orders, ensuring you won’t have to worry about down time. 

With advanced features and unparalleled reliability, the TPI 377BLE revolutionizes temperature collection across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms through the latest Bluetooth technology and cross-platform compatibility for greater flexibility and convenience. 

The TPI 377BLE offers non-contact infrared thermometer capabilities, with an impressive temperature range from -58 to 1,832 °F (-50 to 1,000 °C), allowing it to cater to a wide array of applications across various industries. This innovative tool is also equipped with a built-in laser pointer for precise targeting to ensure accurate temperature readings even from a distance. 

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