Marathon Participants in Vancouver Sun Run

Team DMSI at the Vancouver Sun Run 2023

Marathon Participants in Vancouver Sun Run in BC Place

Tony Jarraha, Max Mourao, Evandro Silva, Andriy Babiy, and Leonid Litvin

Jog down memory lane with DMSI as we recap the 39th annual Vancouver Sun Run. Every year, tens of thousands of passionate runners participate in the 10 kilometer long challenge. April 16th, 2023 saw more than 35,000 active participants; it’s no wonder the annual Vancouver Sun Run is one of Canada’s most popular long-distance races. 

DMSI had a total of 15 participants including staff members and their families in the Sun Run event this year which is quite remarkable. Some of our staff lined up to give it their all and “go for the gold”, while others took their time to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the city while celebrating a remarkable event.

Attendance at the Vancouver Sun Run encompasses participants who are driven by their unwavering dedication to the sport or fueled by their sheer love for running, jogging, and walking. DMSI is proud to support such an incredible cause and have a large number of staff participating and representing the company.

Let’s embark on a vibrant journey as we retrace the memorable moments that unfolded throughout the day, illuminating the exceptional achievements of DMSI’s participants who fearlessly embraced the challenge of the Vancouver Sun Run 2023. Let’s go!

Kicking off the Vancouver 2023 Sun Run in Downtown Vancouver and English Bay

The DMSI team lined up and began their 10k run in Downtown Vancouver around Burrard and Georgia Street. Following up towards Stanley Park, the course heads west on Denman Street towards English Bay. Despite the cloudy forecast, the team were smiling as the course took them along the beautiful beaches and over Burrard Bridge into Kitsilano.

Venturing onward from the 5km halfway point, DMSI’s runners traveled east along 6th / 2nd avenue towards the Cambie Street Bridge. With the finish line just across the harbour and fatigue setting in, runners continued toward Science World and completed the Sun Run at BC Place Stadium.

Highlighting DMSI’s team success at this year’s Vancouver Sun Run

Now it’s time to shine the spotlight onto the DMSI team’s success from the 2023 Vancouver Sun Run! Firstly, we want to start by praising all our team members that came out to this year’s event. DMSI is sincerely honoured to have so many proud staff members present at the run.

Charlie Wang had a finish time of 1h:12m while following closely behind Ian Lam’s 1h:05m finish. Congratulations to Leonid Litvin for achieving the fastest time among all DMSI employees with an impressive finish  of only 58 minutes. Well done, Leonid!

An absolutely incredible performance from all DMSI staff! To celebrate their success, the team fueled up and replenished themselves together at The Flying Pig in Yaletown. 

We look forward to actively participating in the 2024 Vancouver Sun Run, and can’t wait to see how many members of DMSI will be there. We’ll leave you with some of our glorious team members enjoying themselves before and after the event. See you at next year’s Sun Run!